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Colon Cancer


Colon Cancer Staging and Prognosis

Colon cancer staging and prognosis are tightly interrelated. Colon cancer, like other cancers, is staged using the TNM system. The TNM system describes a tumor based on its individual growth, whether it has spread into nearby lymph nodes and whether or not it has metastasized into other organs of the body. The three ratings in the TNM system then determine a stage grouping, which determines a patient's prognosis....(more)

Key Information and Statistics on Rectal Cancer Survival Rates

Colorectal cancer is a type of cancer that either starts in the colon or rectum. When it starts in the rectum, it is known primarily as rectal cancer, although many studies look at colorectal cancer as a whole instead of broken down into colon and rectal cancers. The rectal cancer survival rate is based on the stage of cancer and the number of patients that are still alive five years after diagnosis....(more)


Possible Causes of Chronic Gas and Bloating

Chronic gas and bloating can be uncomfortable and irritating. They can also be signs that you are suffering from a medical condition that requires treatment. Here are some possible causes of your chronic bloating and gas....(more)

What is Small Bowel Obstruction?

An obstruction of the small bowel occurs when there is a blockage that prevents food, liquid, or gas from passing through the intestinal tract as it normally would. An obstruction does not always completely block the bowel, but will cause similar pain and symptoms, as the digestive process is interrupted. If you are at risk of bowel obstructions and are experiencing painful symptoms, call your doctor. A bowel obstruction is treatable, but should be done quickly in order avoid complications....(more)

Different Types of Polyps Found in the Colon

A polyp is a growth on the large intestine, also called the colon. Often, colon polyps don't cause symptoms; therefore, it is important to get tested regularly. It also helps to be aware of the four types of polyps that are commonly found in the colon....(more)


Finding Colon Cancer Trials Through Reputable Organizations

Almost all cases of colon cancer begin in glands located in the lining of the colon or rectum. Like all cancers, it is most treatable when caught in its early stages. The diagnosis of colon cancer in its earliest phase is called Stage 0 colon cancer. Colon cancer advances without effective treatment from Stage I to Stage IV. If you or a loved one has colon cancer that is not effectively responding to treatment by your oncologist, explore available options to join a reputable colon cancer clinical trial for continued treatment. Clinical trials offer their patients medications and other treatment regimens that are being researched for effectiveness but are not generally available....(more)

All Donations Help: The CFC and the Fight Against Colon Cancer

The Combined Federal Campaign, or CFC, is an organization that offers many opportunities for federal employees to contribute to good causes. Notably, the CFC is involved in funding charities and research to fight many types of cancer, including colon cancer. Learn more about the CFC and its work here....(more)

National Support Groups for Colon Cancer Patients

Getting a diagnosis of colon cancer from your doctor is an emotionally devastating event. Fortunately, a wide variety of resources are available to help patients through this difficult time. Many national organizations offer a range of services for those suffering from this serious condition. These colon cancer support groups make it their mission to give aid and comfort to the unfortunate victims of this disease....(more)